What is VPS

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and is a virtualized server. A VPS gives you complete control over a slice of a server and provides you with admin access to do with it as you please. Other customers can not access your VPS, so it’s safe and secure. Each client will have guaranteed CPU, disk space and memory. That means you do not share these critical resources with other clients when you need it the most.

Equinix VPS

Why utilize VPS?

A Traderscolo VPS allows traders to address some critical issues in their trading environment. Here are several benefits of utilizing a Traderscolo VPS: Liquidity changes throughout the day and with the advent of algorithmic trading, traders can now deploy their strategies round the clock. This reduces the human emotion element out of trading, which can not monitor markets round the clock. No more relying on local ISP and local power utility company. You can now take complete advantage of automated trading strategies without the head ache of having to leave your PC running 24 hours a day. Internet or power failures will not threaten your hard earned trading profits. Get access to your trading system from any where. You can check on your trades or settings of your automated strategy while on the go using a multitude of devices. A VPS accessed from any device will give you the same interface that you see on your PC. Traders don’t need to use limited functionality web or mobile apps provided by their brokers. Get ultra low latency on your execution when your trading system is housed in our world class data centers in New York or London. Algorithmic trading systems accessing dark pools of liquidity demand ultra low latency in this era of high frequency trading. Even traders who are scalping manually will love our super low latency solutions.