Operationally Reliable Equinix Data Centers

Traderscolo provides you access to the low-latency access data center-Equinix , ensuring a secure, reliable connection with the fastest performance and allowing you to connect to critical trading venues. With Equinix having the world's largest footprint, you get high average up time and security with Traderscolo’s low cost VPS solutions for your Forex trading needs.

Equinix powered VPS

Proximity to the Data Centers

Our forex VPS hosting data center servers are conveniently located in the world’s most dense and sophisticated financial services ecosystem - Equinix New York (NY) facility and city of London - the heart of Europe’s center of global finance.

Forex VPS New York Data Center

Get quick access to tier 1 banks, hedge funds, dark pools and forex brokers in New York.

Forex VPS London Data Center

Get unmatched access to more than 30 European markets, 80 exchanges and numerous forex brokers in London and numerous forex brokers.


VMWare powered VPS

We strive hard to deliver high availability to you without an extra cost or added complexity of trading clustering solutions. That’s why our virtualization technology is built on the VMWare’s data center virtualization products. We boost server efficiency and agility by Virtualization to deliver hosting services on demand to our traders.

Faster Storage Access with SSD

Who doesn’t like faster performance? We understand your needs to execute your trades faster with no out of pocket expenses. That is why all our VPS (for forex) plans provide you SSD at no extra cost. Solid State Drives have heralded a new evolution in computing and we at Traderscolo exclusively use the Pure Storage FlashArray. This solution allows multitude of benefits such as:

  • Start applications 2X faster compared to old Hard Disk Drives
  • Boasts 2X faster file compilation times than a HDD
  • Handle multiple programs nearly 3X faster than a HDD
  • Better performance and reliability

Pure Storage FlashArray

Responsive Performance Processors to Stay Ahead in the Digital World

Pure Storage FlashArray

Traderscolo’s VPS provides you the Intel Core Process Units (CPUs) that efficiently manage your workload. With the advanced, high performance processors, for faster forex trading performance.

Supported Operating Systems

No matter what device you use to execute your trades, we have got you covered. You can use any of these Operating Systems on Traderscolo’s VPS for forex.

Windows Windows
Mac OS X Mac OS X
Android Android
Linux Linux

Supported Trading Platforms

MT4 metatrader 4 MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 5 MT5 MetaTrader 5
cTrader cTrader

Windows Server 2012

We aim at providing you the cutting edge technology resources. Supported by Microsoft for a very long time,Windows 2012 Server are stable and reliable. That’s why ,with Windows server 2012, you can install any latest applications. You experience hassle-free setup as MT5 , MT4, Fix API and Ctrader support latest windows OS.