Data Center

Our servers are located in the Equnix NY facility, which is considered the world’s densest and most sophisticated financial services ecosystem. We chose Equinix because of their ability to deliver low-latency access to critical trading venues such as tier 1 banks, hedge funds, dark pools and forex brokers. Our London Data Center is located within the heart of Europe’s center of global finance – city of London. The London Data center offer unmatched access to more than 30 European markets, 80 exchanges and numerous forex brokers.

Equinix powered VPS


Virtualization is the most effective way to boost server efficiency and agility. This allows us to deliver hosting services on demand to our traders. Our virtualization technology is built on the VMWare’s data center virtualization products. We can deliver high availability to our traders without the cost or complexity of trading clustering solutions.

VMWare powered VPS


Solid State Drives have heralded a new evolution in computing and we at Traderscolo exclusively use the Pure Storage FlashArray. This solution allows multitude of benefits such as