NinjaTrader is a multi-asset trading plaform designed to benefit all levels of traders. The Advanced Trade Management (ATM) feature allows traders to automate stop loss and profit target order submission, trailing stop sand break even stop loss. NinjaTrader provides trades with the ability to automate their trading strategies using NinjaScript or in an external application such as eSignal. With NinjaTrader, traders can use the advanced event driven model to program their strategy logic. Strategy logic can be based on events triggered by market data, market depth, order status, fi updates and position updates.


NinjaTrader’s comprehensive and flexible development environment empowers traders to build rich and integrated apps. Possibilities are endless utilizing a modern C# based trading framework designed for low level access to:

  • Balances & positions
  • Orders & executions
  • Real time & historical data
  • User interface
  • Controls
  • Indicators

NinjaTrader automated trading

A streamlined & dynamic interface maintains familiarity for consistency while optimizing workflow.

  • Personalize your application “Skin” & share with other traders
  • Customize new tabbed functionality for simplified navigation and minimize the screen space used
  • Duplicate current settings to a new tab or even a new window
  • Optionally configure a warning message to confirm on tab or window close

NinjaTrader automated trading

A rewritten core data engine improves the way market data is processed when received from your data provider.

  • Sub-second market data time stamps now stored to meet demand for higher precision
  • Historical Bid/Ask prices now stored with each last trade tick data
  • Import, export, edit, and download market data (including market replay) all in one location
  • Set a preferred connection to obtain historical or real-time data from your choice of providers per instrument type

NinjaTrader automated trading

Modern design techniques deliver greater performance and flexibility than ever before.

  • Fully multi-threaded core and user interface adds significant performance increases across the entire platform
  • All connection technologies now work natively in the 64-bit version of NinjaTrader 8
  • New “Calculate On Price Change” provides ultimate control over how frequently an indicator or strategy calculates on new data
  • Optimized segmenting of open workspace resources minimizes CPU usage
  • Reconfigured data processing & storage methods to minimize response time
  • Improved Strategy Optimization delivers 10x performance gains versus benchmarks
  • Added support for concurrent historical bar requests vastly improves data load time

Charting has been enhanced based on user feedback to include:

  • Drag and drop functionality to move indicators and chart bars between tabs or windows
  • Data Series option to “Center” the last traded price on the price scale
  • Horizontal & vertical scrolling by holding the CTRL key
  • Improved Equidistant bar spacing mode for viewing multi-series charts mixing non-time based bar intervals
  • Option to break bars on Data Series for each new EOD session or to continue building until completed
  • Extended interval selector for customization of any bar type and interval
  • “No Time Scroll” Crosshair mode with the ability to “lock” a cross hair at a specific time
  • Ability to enable Chart Trader and NinjaScript Strategies simultaneously from the same window to visualize strategy orders and positions from a single chart

NinjaTrader automated trading

NinjaTrader 8’s SuperDOM hosts the ability to add Columns next to the price ladder. Monitor volume by price, your PnL, the Approximate Position in Queue (APQ), or take notes all within one SuperDOM window. Furthermore, reach beyond NinjaTrader’s default columns and create your own as custom NinjaScript columns are supported as well!

NinjaTrader automated trading

NinjaTrader VPS Hosting

The Traderscolo VPS is designed to offer best in class technology, ultra low latency hosting and reliability to NinjaTrader users. Our superior service and ease of access will deliver the edge you need to succeed.