It is important for all serious traders to have confidence with their trading when running the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Utilizing a VPS provider like Traderscolo with MT5 includes major advantages such as an extra layer of security, reliability, scalability and most importantly, a more efficient trading experience.

MT5 is a 64 bit software allows traders to trade in the financial markets with the necessary tools and resources to analyze markets in real time. Traders can create their own Expert Advisors or use readily available Robots in the marketplace. The MT5 has a built-in marketplace which you can access whenever you login to your trading account. Traders can also find best free EA, plugins in the marketplace. The MT5 platform allows traders to implement trading strategies using the Metaquotes Language 5 (MQL5 API). With MQL5 Multithreading functionality and 64 bit, traders now have more opportunities to implement multiple trading operations at a time. The MT5 is equipped with a built-in advance MQL5 editor. Traders can take advantage of all these features and easily run their custom made indicator or expert advisor on Traderscolo, the best VPS for MT5 available in the market. If you are a developer MetaTrader provides a detailed MQL5 API for you to start developing custom indicators and trading systems.

Why You Should Use MT5 VPS Hosting?

With MetaTrader 5 server hosting Traders can:

  • Perfect for running EA (Expert Advisors)
  • Built solely for running MT5
  • Fast execution
  • Run 24 hour without your PC turned on
  • Trade whenever and wherever you want
  • Accessible from any computers and mobile devices

Traderscolo’s VPS for MT5 ensures:

Benefits of hosting your MT5 with us:

  • No issue of internet down
  • EA (Expert Advisors) s run uninterrupted
  • Wave good bye to all the uncertainties around your EAs
  • No need to worry about power outage
  • Low latency to biggest regulated retail brokers
  • Located in Equinix, New York data center the heart of major brokers and financial networks.
  • Slippage reduced significantly
  • Full administrative role
  • Scalable system
  • Focus for traders only
  • Professional team monitors whole system status and network 24/7
  • 24/7 support

MetaTrader 5 Features

  • Automate your trading system
  • Full education resources can be found from the MQL5 site
  • Object oriented programing language
  • Great MetaTrader 5 API documentation
  • Over 2500 MT5 plugins and ready made algorithm for purchase/rent can be found in the marketplace (MT5 market)
  • Become a signal provider at MT5 market and earned money of it
  • Subscribe to professional traders signals MT5 market
  • MT5 64 bit

metatrader4 automated trading

  • Instant execution
  • Trail stop function
  • 4 types of pending orders
  • One click trading button

metatrader4 automated trading

  • Client server data exchange is encrypted
  • You will only need a few minutes to get started with the platform.
  • Standard trading platform for Forex retail brokers

  • Able to open over 100 charts concurrently
  • 21 time frames for multi time frame analysis
  • 80 built-in technical indicators
  • 24 graphic objects that aide you analyzing the market
  • Fundamental news built in

metatrader4 automated trading