Change Password on Windows Server 2012

Please be inform that by following these steps below make sure you don’t change the Administrator and FxAdmin Password.

Please only change the password of your username.

Leave Administrator and FxAdmin account as is.

Changing it, will not able to let us troubleshoot your VPS in case you have a technical problem.

  1. Click Windows, and search compmgmt.msc Click Windows, and search compmgmt.msc
  2. On the left pane, expand System Tools, then expand Local Users and Groups, then click on Users. Local Users and Groups
  3. In the center pane, right-click on your USER ACCOUNT and then click Set Password… Set Password
  4. Click Proceed. Proceed
  5. Set your new password and click “OK” Password requirement: Minimum 10 character length Password must be alphanumeric (consists of alphabet and numeric) Password requirement


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