Why Should I use a VPS for Forex Trading?#

VPS is a virtual computer that is connected remotely. Using a VPS you can access your trading platform equiped with your specialized indicator or expert advisor from anywhere and anytime you need. You can access the VPS using certain remote desktop applications that you can install on your mobile devices or any PC/Laptops. Using mobile phone for trading sure is convenient but it has lack of customisation options such as custom indicator or expert advisor. Having the Remote Desktop application installed on your mobile phone and connected to the VPS, you get the full feature of the trading platform running remotely on your VPS. You can also modify your custom indicator or expert advisor remotely from the mobile device or laptop. In Traderscolo, we provide the best VPS for Forex Trader available in the market. We provide low latency to Oanda, Forex.com, Pepperstone and FXCM.

What do you do to secure my VPS?#

We use advanced hardware based firewall systems in our server clusters. It prevent the server clusters from getting a DDOS attack. In conclusion we have put some security measure in our network to prevent the whole system from getting DDOS attack. You may add some security measure on your VPS assuming you use the VPS not only for trading but for download some files from certain website which we do not really recommend thing to do on our VPS.

Does Core Count hold more importance than RAM When Running MT4?#

The answer depends on what trading platform you’re running. Generally, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) runs well on a single core CPU. Therefore having multiple core won’t be signifacantly better much unless you run MT5. MT5 does utilize all the available cores the system has. Having multiple cores on the system allows you to see performance improvement over a single core CPU. But when it comes to the RAM, having more RAM has more benefits. With more RAM you can have multiple MT4 platform with charts, indicators and EAs. But it is important not to use all the RAM specifically to run your trading platforms because the Operating System needs certain amount of RAM to keep the system running. Best is to allocate at least 512MB or 1GB per MT4 instance.

How Many MT4 Terminal Can I Run on My VPS?#

The VPS can run multiple MT4 terminal charts at the same time. It is important to pay attention to the available RAM resources in the Task Manager. That way traders know whether the VPS has the available resources for additional MT4 terminal into the VPS. The best practice is to keep 512MB to 1GB for each MT4 terminal. Therefore if you have a 1GB RAM in your VPS, you should have 1 MT4 instance or maximum of 2 MT4 instances running on the VPS. If you have 4GB RAM, you should have maximum of 8 MT4 running on the VPS.

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