Running your trading system on a computer confidently without compromising performance is the desire to acquire among all serious professional traders. You should give careful consideration running FIX API on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). The advantages of running FIX API on a Forex VPS like Traderscolo include an extra layer of security, reliability, scalability and more importantly, placing your mind at ease.

FIX stands for Financial Information Exchange. It is the protocol specifically built to perform financial information and orders as fast as possible. FIX protocol is the standard tool in order to develop a professional grade trading system with real-time communication between client, trader, investment funds or brokers and liquidity providers. It is used by many top professional traders. The API gives clients complete control over data which is sent and received without needing intermediary software. The FIX protocol is also a completely free piece of technology that is non-proprietary and is constantly being developed to support new technology, businesses, and regulatory needs. The protocol is used by thousands of firms all around the world and completes millions of transactions daily.

Why You Should Use FIX API VPS Hosting?

With FIX API server hosting Traders can:

  • Perfect for running automated trading systems
  • Built solely for running FIX API
  • Fast execution
  • Run 24 hour without your PC turned on
  • Trade whenever and wherever you want
  • Accessible from any computers and mobile devices

Traderscolo’s VPS for FIX API ensures:

Benefits of hosting your FIX API with us:

  • No issue of internet down
  • Robots or automated trading systems run uninterrupted
  • Wave good bye to all the uncertainties around your EAs
  • No need to worry about power outage
  • Low latency to biggest regulated retail brokers
  • Located in Equinix, New York data center the heart of major brokers and financial networks.
  • Full administrative role
  • Scalable system
  • Focus for traders only
  • Professional team monitors whole system status and network 24/7
  • 24/7 support

FIX API Features

  • High-speed direct connectivity to multiple trading servers or Forex Brokers.
  • No middleware programs such cas MetaTrader in order to execute a trade
  • latency as low as 1 millisecond

  • Programmable interface
  • Trades successfully executed immediately in a single tick
  • Able to connect and send orders to multiple brokers from single custom application

  • Have the freedom to design all kind trading styles without delay
  • Trade massive orders as fast as possible
  • Use your desired tools in order to provide bespoke solution