Our team is led by senior experienced professionals with years of experience in the Financial Technology industries. We are a boutique technology firm dedicated to meeting the unique needs of traders. Our staff has experience in multiple asset classes such as forex, equities, futures and options. We proudly support popular trading paltforms such as MT4, MT5, NinjaTrader and TradeStaion.

Client Testimonials

Solid State Drives have heralded a new evolution in computing and we at Traderscolo exclusively use the Pure Storage FlashArray. This solution allows multitude of benefits such as

  • Emanuel from Israel: “I am extremely pleased with the TradersColo vps service. Not only is it working perfectly but the support is fantastic, every demand is dealt with immediately and support is available for helping with the setup of EA and other technical issues for FXTraders. I can strongly recommend TradersColo for all Fx traders.”
  • Michael from New YorkL “I have been using your system and am very satisfied so far. I want to add you to my new website as my preferred VPS partner. Do you have an affiliate program and/or can you provide me with some marketing for my website?”
  • Rajesh from London: Handle multiple programs nearly 3X faster than a HDD
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